Highly knowledgeable lawyer.

I have had excellent results with Mr. Chronister & his team. I have never had to worry about my representation or his expertise. I have been thoroughly satisfied with his ability to dedicate his time and attention to my case 100% and in the case he was unable to meet with me due to other demands, one of his secretaries were quick and prompt in rescheduling my appointment. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this Chronister, Fields & Flake and would recommend anyone to see them.

Rex is amazing and has always gone above and beyond to help our family any way possible. I would highly recommend Rex Chronister to anyone who needs an expert attorney with over 20+years experience to back it up.

Andrew may not get back as fast as I would have liked but he did always come though for our family. He is a very laid back and easy to talk with. Unlike some attorneys he talked to me like I was really human. He always had time for me and wanted only the what was in our best interest.

Andrew is an exceptional lawyer. He always returned my phone calls and addressed my concerns very promptly in a kind manner. He cares for his clients and it is obvious by how hard he works and the time he puts into getting his clients the best deal possible. He really knows his law!!! I would definitely recommend him and I will be hiring him in the future if the need arises.

Rex was not my lawyer but Andrew Flake was. I was being charged with 4 felonies. Mr. Flake got me completely out of all charges. He's an amazing lawyer. He knows what he's doing. I recommend him 10 out of 10.

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